30g(3000pcs)/50g(8000pcs) 2*4mm Flat Brilliant Light Green Horse eyes loose sequins Paillette Craft For Nail Beauty ,DIy Design

christmas glitter branch, Wholesale bag egg

Wholesale Sequin Square

Black color 2#. Sequins for: Tiara satin. 500 bag. B70474. Wholesale line luggage. 5*3cm. Ab orange color. Scrapbook glitter. 13*17mm. Filings. Shell dresses. #595623. 3mm heart. Golden color. Girls dress. Cp0818. Paillettes: 3*4mm  heart sequins. 

Women Clutches

Cupped sequins 6mm. Spangle sequins. Champagne color. B70747. Palette. bronzer. Wholesale orange jessamine. Wholesale frozen  bag. 2000pcs/bag             (about  160g). 4mm deep cup. Metallic #5c. 40g/pack. Matte pink. 3mm round cup sequins. Pec sequinsMesh. Female shoulder bags. Wholesale beanie sequin. 15cm width. 8mm cup ab transparent. 

Clothing Sequin

500 pcs pet. Eyeshadow sparkles. Golden sequins. Gold,red, silver, red,blue,green, light blue. Tops belly dancing. About 1.2 mm. Abrasion resistance,heat resistance,non-distortion. Cp1879. Weight (g/ball): 20*22mm of the size. Cp0808. Ab light purple color. Wholesale peugeot  2008. 6*8mm shell green. Lp0004. Wholesale silver  bracelet. 5-15mm. Short sleeve. 20mm flat matte gold. 

Sequin Earrings

12mm 8 colors. Dark blue sweatshirts. Wholesale diamond color shoes. 4mm flat matte pink. Baseball cap with rings. Scrapbook beads. Sexy bodysuit: Peach 100g. Wholesale wedding  dresses. Art florist. Sewing sequins clothing garment accessories. 6mm flower ab milk. Black and white  reversible pillowcase mermaid. 12 colors available. Kid us size: 

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